How we work

To make our workshops as organized, friendly, relaxed and fun as possible, we follow these guidelines:

  • We work on a multicultural ambient, speaking English, French or Spanish, or all three at once! This ensures that everyone in the group is actively taking part and can share their thoughts.
  • We'll provide a copy of the recipe, but remember to bring a pen to write down the details and tips you'll learn during the workshop.
  • The real chef will be you: the teacher will show you what to do and stay close by to make sure that everything is going well.There are never more than 6 students per workshop, so everyone can learn and enjoy. Furthermore, the teacher has more time to supervise the work of each student.
  • Group tasting: You will have the opportunity to try your recipe sharing the table and chatting with the rest of the group.
  • It's important to keep smiling, because we'll take photos (if you don't mind) and send them to you later by email so you can show off to your friends!